Employment with Devilknits Tasmania

Devilknits Tasmania is an "Australian Disability Enterprise" employing 27 people. Seventeen of our employees have either intellectual, cognitive or developmental disabilities. We are also a Special Work of the St Vincent de Paul Society in Tasmania, and an NDIS participant workplace.

Our Vision is:
Equality in Employment; Quality in Product

At Devilknits we believe our people are our greatest asset.

Devilknits Tasmania is a unique workplace which is both challenging and rewarding. The outcomes being achieved reflect the loyalty, hard work and dedication of our staff.

Our Mission Statement states our objective succinctly: “To enable people with intellectual, Cognitive and Developmental disabilities to experience meaningful employment in a supportive environment”.

Our team of dedicated Support Staff are not only a highly skilled production team but ensure, through their leadership and dedicated support, that our NDIS participants receive the training they need and the confidence to embrace challenges within the workplace and the wider community.

To be successful in obtaining supported employment with Devilknits Tasmania, applicants need to:
•     Require on the job training and support
•     Must be of legal age and an Australian citizen for employment
•     Be keen to enter the employment environment
•     Have realistic job choices
•     Qualify for the NDIS and have Supported Employment as an option in their NDIS plan.
•     Prospective employees are encouraged to have an advocate present during the interview procedure.

How can I find out more?

Come and see us at Devilknits Tasmania - 12 Mill Lane - Glenorchy - Tasmania, 7010
Call us on Tel: 03 6272 8877
or Contact us. Enquiries welcome. Contact us.